Deep Creek Tarp

Tarps, sunshades, and group shelters

The Deep Creek Tarp offers shade and protection all day or all night for those who like to sleep sans the walls of a traditional tent. The two poles, multi-loops and guy-out points offer an array of set up possibilities in any environment or camp locale. Add an Accessory Bug House to your shelter for a layer of zipped up protection.
$159.96 to $199.96
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Specs + Sizing

Trail WeightLG: 7lb 3oz / MD: 5lb 4oz / LG: 3.26kg / MD: 2.38kg
Packed WeightLG: 7lb 15oz / MD: 5lb 15oz / LG: 3.60kg / MD: 2.69kg
Packed SizeLG: 5" x 7" x 29" / MD: 4.5" x 6" x 29" / LG: 13 x 18 x 74cm / MD: 11 x 15 x 74cm
Floor AreaLG: 275sq ft / MD: 150sq ft / LG: 25.6m² / MD: 13.9m²
Head HeightLG: 76" / MD: 76" / LG: 193cm / MD: 193cm
Number of Seasons3


Tarp shelter creates an outdoor living area to shield you from the elements

Versatile shape with 2 adjustable poles (included) allows a multitude of pitch configurations

Additional pole attachment location at center of tarp for more set up options or additional stability by adding a center pole

Stash pockets at corners for guyline storage 

Gear loops included along ridge seam

Reflective guylines with cord adjusters and multiple guy-out points

Peak height and covered area varies based on pitch configuration

Area is the approximate square footage based on the dimensions of the tarp when flat 

Ready to pitch; with pre-cut guy lines and tensioners attached to tarp

Multiple interior loops for attaching accessories

Accessory Tarp Poles - sold separately

Deep Creek Bug House MD and LG - sold separately

Trail weight includes Tarp, Poles and guylines

*Trail Weight vs *Packed Weight: 

Unless otherwise noted, all published weights in our catalog and website are “trail weights”; the weight of the tent components necessary for setup and function. Packed weight is the weight with everything included with purchase.

Construction + Materials

Polyester with 1500mm waterproof polyurethane coating

All seams taped with waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane tape (No PVC or VOC's)

2 aluminum adjustable poles

MD: 6 aluminum hook stakes

LG: 6 aluminum hook stakes

Carry bag with shoulder strap

Additional Accessory Tarp Poles - sold separately

Deep Creek Bug House MD and LG - sold separately

Trail weight includes Tarp, Poles and guylines

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What’s in a Name?

Deep Creek once raged through North Routt and helped fill the Elk River Valley. There was a community with a schoolhouse and cemetery named after it. The cemetery was even restored in 1990 by resettling headstones and clearing overgrown sage. A town never officially formed, but there's still strong ties as a community of original ranchers and settlers of the area. The creek itself feeds these ranches nowadays.