1101 Sleeping Bags

Inspired by the
1101 Trail.

Our favorite section of the CDT, the 1101 Trail runs right through Steamboat’s backyard.

Introducing the
1101 Series.

The 1101 Collection of sleeping bags was inspired by the rugged, scenic, and iconic Continental Divide Trail (CDT) -- the 3,100-mile-long trail from Canada to Mexico that traverses five states and tops out at over 14,000 feet at its highest point. The 1101 Trail is part of the CDT that winds through the mountains above Steamboat Springs, CO and is home to remote wilderness, high peaks, and the thick Aspen and Pine forests that we play in year-round. Each bag is named after a location on or near the 1101 trail – Dumont Lake, Newcomb Creek, Upper Slide Lake, Lake Katherine, and Lake Victoria.

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