Thru-Hiking Essentials

Long Distance Backpacking

Multi-day, more-than-a-week, many-months - epic doesn't even begin to describe the journey.

The best trip of your life.

Your plans may be years in the making; maps, routes, supply drops, travel logistics, who’s going to feed your cat, where to meet friends, where to get a burger or take a shower along the way...oh and gear. The gear will be clutch because, as you’ve prepared for, there are variables that come with traveling by foot for days on end that you can't even factor in yet. The gear should be the least of your worries because you've brought the best, tried and true equipment to ensure a successful trip. The best trip of your life.

The product picks in this Collection were hand-picked and inspired by Douglas Hurdle, conqueror of the Triple Crown (AT, PCT, CDT). Read all about how Douglas Hurdle has evolved his thru-hiking gear strategy to thrive on his finale Triple Crown hike on the CDT.

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