Winter Picks

Excited to ride out the winter, outside? Us too!

Our Favorite Gear for Alpine Adventures

In this collection you'll find our go-to lightweight, rugged, epic-adventure (or backyard) ready tents, sleeping bags, pads, and insulated apparel. Check out the palatial and burly Mad House shelters (our only tent model that can accommodate up to 8 people), the newly redesigned single-wall Shield, and the warmest bags we make, the toasty Cinnabar. Available in -40F and -20F degree options. We'll see you out there!

Winter Picks

Shield 3
Big Joe
Shield 2
Third Degree Foam Pad
$14.96 $19.95
Copper Spur HV3 Expedition

Currently Out of Stock! Check below for availability near you. Coming Soon to

Insulated AXL Trail Boss
$134.96 $179.95
Guard Station 4