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Our Gear Outlet houses discounts on previous seasons', discontinued, or special make up gear! Tents, bags, pads, apparel, and maybe even a few one-of-a-kind gems can be found here. Happy camping!

Gear Outlet

Slater SL1+ Footprint
$42.00 $60.00
Slater SL2+ Footprint
$49.00 $70.00
Scout 2 Carbon Footprint
$64.00 $80.00

Currently Out of Stock! Check below for availability near you. Coming Soon to

Scout UL2 Footprint
$49.00 $70.00
Rocky Peak 4 Footprint
$42.00 $60.00
Big Pine 4 Footprint
$48.00 $60.00
Blacktail 4 Footprint
$44.00 $55.00
Blacktail 2 Footprint
$32.00 $40.00