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Big Agnes apparel is designed and tested in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so you can count on it when the snow’s chest deep, the sun sets on a chilly belay, or when temps are showing negative on the local bank sign in town. We think of insulated apparel as an integral piece of gear among the crowded garages and gear closets overflowing with skis, ropes, packs, and skins. If you’re like us, you don’t pour over spec charts to compare tent weights and sleeping bag insulations, to then grab the first threadbare jacket in the closet or cheapest option on the rack to head out the door into an unpredictable environment for a day of skiing or an overnight in the snow at the base of a peak with big lines.

We take development of our insulated apparel as seriously as our most technical camping gear because we depend on it daily. Whether it’s being worn, slept in, carried just in case, getting us to work alive, keeping us warm in the toughest of climates, standing the test of wind, absorbing coffee spills, shielding the snow, braving sticky-fingered kids, or fulfilling late night walks home from the bar. So check out this winter’s gear; pieces that are designed with the highest quality materials and insulations developed for optimum comfort, fit, and warmth, and given a hearty stamp of approval from our staff and ambassadors, just like the rest of our gear. Happy Winter.

–The Crew at Big Agnes


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