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Causeway Groove Lock

Causeway Groove Lock


Causeway poles are for any time, anywhere, any load. These are the strongest Helinox poles available with the widest diameter, stiffest aluminum and the ability to take the heaviest pack weight on any trip. The Groove Lock model is a twist lock pole with the extra reinforcement that prevents your pole from slipping under weight. It is the interior grooves throughout the pole that keep it from slipping and make it extra bomber for any activity.

Groove Lock - 145cm - $149.95

  • We are proud to introduce Helinox® brand trekking poles. Made by DAC, the leading manufacturer of tent poles, Helinox® poles incorporate many of the advanced features and quality found in our tent poles.
  • Groove Lock- Internal grooves on the shaft create a positive mechanical engagement for absolute security without exposed buttons or levers.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any load. Available with or without shock absorbers.
  • Helinox poles are engineered with DAC's proprietary aluminum alloy, TH72M, which provides superior strength to weight characteristics.
  • TH72M aluminum alloy is exclusive to Helinox trekking poles which results is incredibly lightweight poles.
  • DAC Green Anodizing involves no nitric or phosphoric acid and greatly reduces water consumption by using recycled water for rinsing.
  • The rule of thumb for fitting a trekking pole is that your elbow should be bent 90° so your forearm is parallel to the ground when holding your poles. Your personal preference as well as the terrain will influence the exact height of your trekking poles. To get an idea of the approximate length pole you need, bend your elbow 90° and use the measurement from the ground to the top of your fist.
Groove Lock - 145cm
Max Length 57"
Collapsed Length 26"
Weight 14oz
Shock Absorber no
Basket Style Standard Trekking
# of Sections 3
Locking Mechanism Groove Lock
Grip Type Foam Long
Tip Carbide
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