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DownTek™ Water Repellent Down

Lost Ranger 15 *NOW in WIDE LONG 2015

Lost Ranger 15 *NOW in WIDE LONG 2015 15°


$279.95 - $329.95

650 fill DownTek™
Classic Down series bags offer warmth, compressibility and the Big Agnes System bag design. Lightweight enough for backpacking, these bags are designed to feel more like the comforter on your own bed. They provide an overall more comfortable and cozier sleeping experience than ever before with a semi-rectangle shape and Insotect Flow™ construction that keeps the insulation next to your body for more efficient heat distribution. These bags are taller across the top so you can roll over more freely while the Free Range hood allows you to move unrestricted while staying hooded. So comfortable you won’t want to go home.
Every Big Agnes bag requires a pad to provide insulation on the bottom.

This bag is designed for:
 20" wide rectangular pad.

  • New design improves connection between pad sleeve and bag giving the contour shape a roomier sleeping space without adding bulk
  • Design improves useable interior space and bag drapes over body
  • Free Range Hood increases ability to lift and move head even when zipped
  • Vaulted foot box creates more wiggle room for your feet
  • Stretch fabric panels on the side of the pad sleeves accommodate different pad thicknesses
  • Stretch fabric panel beneath hood creates a designated pillow pocket
  • One hand hood synch cordlock is simple and easier to use
  • Zipper Garage stores zipper and eliminates Velcro
  • DownTek™ water repellent down insulation - warm, dry and environmentally friendly
  • Integrated full pad sleeve. Never roll off your pad again
  • Mesh storage sack & nylon stuff sack included
  • Interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners
  • 70”/178cm YKK #8 zipper
  • Mate together left and right zip bags
  • No-draft collar, No-draft wedge, No-draft zipper
  • Exterior loops for hang drying or storage
  • Shell fabric is breathable with water repellent finish
  regular/up to 5'10" long/up to 6'6" Wide/Long up to 6'6"
Pad Size 20"x72" 20"x78" 25"x78"
Color blue stripe blue stripe blue stripe
Fill Type 650 fill DownTek™ 650 fill DownTek™ 650 fill DownTek™
Fill Weight 16oz 19.5oz 23oz
Bag Weight 2lb 15oz 3lb 5oz 3lb 9oz
Shoulder Girth 70" 73" 80.5"
Hip Girth 65" 68" 75"
Foot Girth 53" 53" 64"
Stuff Sack Size M-8"x17.5" M-8"x17.5" L 9" x 20"
Bag Size
8"x7.5" 8"x8.5" 10" x 10"

Lost Ranger Peak, a few miles south of Big Agnes Mountain, is perched above one of the most beautiful basins in Colorado. In the dead of winter, it could possibly be one of the most inhospitable spots anywhere. The jet stream is most comfortable when resting on top of this flat-topped peak. Even on huge snow years, the summit of Lost Ranger is scoured to the frozen ground. Legend holds that rangers from North Park and Hahn's Peak arranged a meeting on the peak and one fellow never showed thanks to a late September snowstorm. It’s a topic of debate as to which ranger lost his way, and the answer you get depends on which local ranger station you ask.

Classic Series Updated DownTek Bags

Updated for 2015, the Classic Down series offer warmth, compressibility and the Big Agnes System bag design. Classic Series bags combine a roomier contour shape with a narrower pad sleeve to provide an overall more comfortable and cozier sleeping experience than ever before. We’ve also redesigned the bag to be taller across the top so you can roll over more freely. The ergonomic hood gives you more range of motion so that you can move unrestricted while staying hooded.

Big Agnes System Bags

The Big Agnes System is different than the traditional sleeping bag on top of a sleeping pad. Instead, we unite the two. With our Big Agnes System, the pad slides into an integrated sleeve on the bottom of the bag, and the top two-thirds of the bag is insulated in the traditional style. When insulation material is compressed under your body, it loses most of its ability to insulate. We eliminate the unnecessary bottom insulation and replace it with one of two pad sleeve designs to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation. This design provides a secure foundation and keeps you on the pad all night.

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