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Insulated Air Core Rectangular
Shown: Insulated Air Core Rectangular
Insulated Air Core Rectangular
Insulated Air Core Mummy
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Insulated Air Core

Insulated Air Core

$79.95 - $129.95

The Insulated Air Core is a trusted friend and perennial best seller. Light and compact, this three-season pad will keep you comfortable by utilizing I-Beam construction (vertical channels that run the length of the pad), and larger outer chambers that keep you cradled in the center of the pad. Insulated Air Core pads are an excellent companion to Big Agnes System bags, coming in enough shapes and sizes to work well with everything from kids' bags to our extra-wide Park bags.
  • Light and compact three-season pad with 3.25" of comfort
  • Updated with PrimaLoft™ Silver Hi-Loft synthetic insulation - durable, breathable insulation which provides warmth without bulk
  • Larger outsider air chambers keep you cradeled in the middle of the pad
  • I-Beam construction eliminates welded seams to reduce cold spots and ensures quick inflation/deflation, consistent air flow, and stability
  • Durable, lightweight nylon diamond rip-stop top and bottom
  • Durable inflation valve
  • Internal polyurethane coating
  • Add a closed-cell foam pad in colder temperatures for extra insulation
  • Store unrolled with valve open
  • Includes stuff sack and repair kit. The repair kit is in a small pocket on the inside of the stuff sack. It's sort of hidden, so look twice
  • Each pad individually inflated and tested
  • For complete specs and to compare all pad models, see our Pad Specs Chart at the left, under Tips & Resources
Size Color Rated To Weight Price
20" x 48" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 15oz $79.95
20" x 66" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 21oz $84.95
20" x 72" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 22oz $89.95
20" x 78" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 24oz $99.95
25" x 72" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 29oz $119.95
25" x 78" x 3.25" blue/gray 15° 31oz $129.95
20" x 72" x 3.25" mummy blue/gray 15° 20oz $89.95
20" x 78" x 3.25" mummy blue/gray 15° 22oz $99.95

Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pads

Kelly shows off the Insulated Air Core sleeping pads from Big Agnes.

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