Rabbit Ears 4 Package: Includes Tent and Footprint


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Three season, freestanding, base/car camping tent with included footprint

Spacious enough to provide shelter for the family on a summer road trip, or to provide refuge from wind and sun on a remote river trip, the Rabbit Ears 4 person tent is versatile and value-oriented. With one cavernous door for kids to run through and plenty of mesh for ventilation on hot summer nights, this tent includes plenty of bells and whistles, but puts less of a premium on weight savings. Simple architecture makes the Rabbit Ears 4 easy to set up under headlamp or mtnGLO® lighting while the kids are asleep in the truck.
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What's in a Name?

Perhaps the most iconic landmark near Steamboat Springs, Rabbit Ears peak, has guided folks into the Yampa Valley for centuries. The actual Ears are made up of molten material from a volcano below that hardened and mixed with lava to form the pillars we see today. Climbers are warned to be extremely cautious when attempting to scale the Ears as erosion has left the rock crumbling.

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