Two Track


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Lightweight foam core, self-inflating pad

The Two Track is a lightweight and reliable self-inflating foam core pad ideal for three-season backcountry travel. The foam insulation is constructed using vertical and horizontal coring which makes it pack smaller than most self-inflating pads. For maximum insulation in cold weather, we recommend pairing with a closed-cell foam pad.
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What's in a Name?

During the mining boom in the late 1800's, the hills surrounding the Strawberry Park Hot Springs saw miners literally sprouting from holes in the ground, some with more gold in their teeth than in their pockets. To access the motherload of their dreams, a steep miner’s path developed and was dubbed, ‘Two Track’. Whether you’re hiking, running, or riding this serpentine trail ranks amongst the best singletrack around. You’ll start with some uphill suffering but the reward is miles of undulating trail meandering through the aspen and rock outcrops.

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