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Helinox® by DAC

Lightweight Outdoor Adventure Equipment

A new way of doing things.

Helinox® by DAC is an industry leader in lightweight outdoor equipment. DAC has spent years refining the techniques needed to produce high-strength lightweight alloy tubing, technology that is applied to tent pole design. Using their exclusive TH72M aluminum alloy, DAC is able to produce extremely lightweight gear with amazing strength and durability.

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Committed to innovative design and sustainability.

DAC has chosen Big Agnes as the exclusive distributor of the Helinox® brand in the Americas because of our commitment to innovative design and sustainability. Big Agnes and Helinox® together manufacture and distribute gear using the latest materials and manufacturing processes, giving you lightweight outdoor furniture for all uses from the weekend family getaway, to campfire entertaining, to peak bagging across the globe. If you need strong, light and compact, Helinox® is the best choice.

These are some of our favorites.

DAC makes a wide range of innovative products from world-class trekking poles,
ultralight camp chairs and comfy camp cots.

The best material is only part of the story.

We've operated at the very center of the outdoor adventure industry for more than 20 years. We've absorbed a huge amount of experience by working closely with the world's most active adventurers - some of whom work in our own design office. Helinox blends experience, innovative design and the world's most advanced material technology to lead the trends.

Compact. Strong. Light.

Outdoor equipment must be functional and reliable. It must also be strong and very light. Helinox equipment is engineered by the world leader in advanced high strength alloys - DAC Featherlite. The best lightweight tents feature DAC poles and stakes as standard equipment because they are universally regarded as the strongest and the lightest.

We’ve won a few awards.
Ok, a lot of awards.

Helinox® outdoor adventure equipment has received many prestigious awards for design excellence.

  • 2017 Backpacker Magazine
    Editors' Choice Award: Chair Zero

  • LBB135 Walking Pole, winner 2016
    Lite Cot, winner 2015 'Best of the Best'
    Swivel Chair, winner 2015
    Camp Chair, winner 2015
    Table One, winner 2014
    Ground Chair, winner 2014
    Chair One, winner 2013

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  • Ground Chair, winner 2014/2015
    Chair One, winner 2013