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Celebrating another beautiful desert day with good friends in Fruita, CO - Devon Balet
Fifteen Years in the Dirt

Fifteen years ago we shipped our first sleeping bags and pads to outdoor stores. In many ways it seems like yesterday, while in others it's been a long and wild ride. Little did we realize that, like a thru-hike or mountaineering expedition, starting a gear company would be a journey full of unforeseen epics and hard-won successes. The path forward has been littered with dicey summits and dark canyons, scorching hot days and bitter cold nights.

When you boil outdoor adventure down to its purest es­sence, you end up with the simple act of camping. Days spent battling the elements or basking in the sun require rest at their end. Whether you backpack, bikepack, climb peaks, or run rivers, we believe that action packed days followed by nights spent sleeping on the ground, gazing at stars and listening to crickets are one of life's finest pleasures.

Exceptions to the rule come when you've chosen the wrong gear, incompatible partners or a bad route. Since we're gear pro­viders and understand some things are out of your control, our advice is that life is too short to use bad camping gear. Whether you travel light and fast and bivy next to the trail or you pull into a campground with your fully loaded truck, comfort is king. So gear up for it, and eliminate any suffering. Camping gear quality has improved so much that there really is no excuse for sliding off your pad, freezing your butt off or waking up to puddles in your tent.

We've traveled the globe and searched nearly every conti­nent for fabrics and materials in an effort to make the gear that we think you'll want to use because it's what we use and what we've put through real life, backcountry testing. We've forged new ground, created gear that has amassed near cult following and, in a few cases, created products that failed commercially but remain staff favorites because they really were sweet.

Our urge to sleep under the stars and breathe fresh moun­tain air is what continually drives us and keeps us motivated. In the end, the bluebird summits and nights spent listening to raging creeks or even highway noise have made the journey awesome and, truth be told, we wouldn't want it any other way.

- The Crew at Big Agnes

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