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The concept of layering for variable conditions is familiar to outdoor enthusiasts. You wear one garment next to your skin and add layers to obtain the ideal temperature and moisture management system.

Sleeping bags are similar. Combine a sleeping pad, any sleeping bag and a Big Agnes over bag to create a versatile year-round system that you can tailor based on trip and temperature needs.

Advantages of bag layering:

  • Layering helps transfer moisture away from your body
  • A Big Agnes over bag system weighs less and packs smaller than many winter bags
  • Two bags create a versatile layering system for options in all seasons. Use each bag individually in spring, summer and fall or use them together as a winter system
  • Over bags help reduce costs by eliminating the need for a pricey winter bag
  • Use two pads for added insulation or winter use
  • Pads work best when used in inner bag

Recommended Overbags

Re-Routt Collection
Cross Mountain

Adds 20°

$149.95 - $159.95
Re-Routt Collection

Adds 20°

$149.95 - $159.95
Buffalo Park

Adds 25°


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