We’re really excited in your interest in the grant and can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

Grant Criteria

The following criteria is what the Bob Swanson Memorial Exploration Grant selection committee is looking for when applying for this grant;

• Applicants must describe how their proposed adventure will push new boundaries in some way, use creative problem solving to overcome unique challenges and help them grow as an individual.

• Realize that some of the best adventures were literally planned on the back of a napkin.

• Applicants may apply for funding to support adventures or expeditions using all manner of transportation modes

• This grant is for individuals ages 18 and up, of all ability levels, and to fund all types of exploration.

• All projects must occur within one calendar year of the award date.

• This grant is for individuals only, if you are part of a team then your teammates must apply as well.

• Applicants who have secured financial support from other corporate sponsors or grants programs will be eligible. We ask that applicants disclose monetary or other in-kind corporate support to help our committee understand their financial needs.

• All applicants must be U.S. citizens or green card holders to apply. U.S. Social Security Numbers are required for tax purposes.

• Applicants may only apply for one grant per year and past recipients may apply more than once.

• Absolutely no phone calls please

Responsibilities of Recipients

• Approximately two to three months of returning from your project, all grant recipients will be required to submit a trip report. Failure to do so will result in the recipient no longer being eligible for future grants. The report details will be established prior to the start of the trip. This will include at least two blog posts, photo images and/or video, and whatever else may be agreed upon prior to the trip.

• The recipient will then be an acting ambassador for Big Agnes in the outdoor community and beyond. They will be expected to promote the mission and values of the company domestically and abroad. Recipients will use their best practices of protecting the environment by being as low impact as possible, and using leave no trace ethics.

• All photos and/or videos the recipient submits with the trip report are property of Big Agnes. These may be reproduced in any way Big Agnes sees fit for marketing or promotional purposes.


We will outfit each trip with Big Agnes products as we see fit. Recipients will also receive Honey Stinger product to help fuel their efforts.