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Comfort and warmth in the backcountry, your backyard, or anywhere really.

We’re committed to making sleeping bags that mimic your cozy bed at home as much as possible with the highest quality, lofty fills and soft, technical fabrics. Whether you choose a Big Agnes System bag, a Traditional Mummy, or a Superlight REM sleeping bag, all of our bags optimize your own body heat for maximum efficiency. We make bags to fit all shapes, sizes, budgets, couches, floors, truck beds, tents, and dirt. If you can sleep there, we've got a bag for you. While we can’t guarantee your eight hours of dream-filled bliss each night, we can guarantee that we’ve designed these bags to generate some serious zzzzzzzz’s.

Never roll off your pad again.

Big Agnes System Bags

Our System Bags provide a cozy comforter-like sleep experience like no other in the backcountry. When insulation material is compressed under your body, it loses most of its ability to insulate. By eliminating the unnecessary insulation on the bottom of the bag and replacing it with one of our pad sleeve designs, the pad insulates you while the sleeve keeps you from rolling off the pad while sleeping. The top, fully insulated lofty layer drapes over you and meets the pad sleeve to create the feel of your own bed at home. Climb in, cozy up, and sleep like a boss.

Get to know the all-new Big Agnes Flex Pad Sleeve.

Our Big Agnes System bags are designed to keep your bag and pad connected to provide a secure foundation that keeps you on your pad all night. Just like your bedsheet at home, slip your pad into the four corners of the pad sleeve to secure your sleep system. The highly packable and lightweight Big Agnes Flex Pad Sleeve secures your bag and pad together so you stay on your pad all night. The simple stretch construction goes on and off with little effort and accommodates 20” and 25” wide pads.

Diamond Park Series
Down Fill System Bags with Flex Pad Sleeve
Sunbeam Series
Women's Lightweight Synthetic System Bags
Mystic UL 15°
Ultralight Down Fill System Bag

Responsible Down Standard

We’ve been best known for designing innovative sleeping bags featuring our Big Agnes System for nearly 20 years, but did you know we also offer new-school traditional mummy sleeping bags? Trad mummy bags have stood the test of time with high quality, technical designs and materials; lightweight, warm, and lofty insulations; highly packable and ultralight options. These do not have an integrated pad sleeve, insulation layers on top and bottom and a more narrow silhouette to keep the warmth to weight ratio right where you want it.

Traditional and Expandable Mummy Bags

A technical and lightweight line of bags incorporating construction and materials we’ve evolved over the years. Bottom line, Mummy bags go where you go and bring the warmth and comfort you’re gonna need while there. The versatile design means you’ll be comfy on a sleeping pad at 12,000ft, a mattress at a hostel in Santiago, or when cramming in #vanlife on the coast. New for 2020 we've launched the Torchlight Expandable Mummy bags that give you the option to custom fit your bag with expandable side panels that zip to add an extra 10" to your camp comfort zone!

New-school meets traditional.

Mirror Lake 20°
Women's lightweight down fill mummy bag
Torchlight Series
Star Fire UL Series
Women's Synthetic Fill Mummy bag

Seriously. Stop rolling off your sleeping pad.

REM Mummy Bags

With the REM Pad Sleeve™ clipped to the bottom of your bag, you're secured to the pad all night. The Half-Pad Sleeve design gives your legs freedom to move while your hips and higher are attached to the pad. These bags are traditionally insulated all the way around and do not have a built in pad sleeve like our System Bags. Your clip-on pad sleeve doubles as a storage bag. These bags are the best of both worlds when it comes to versaitility no matter where you sleep.

Hazel SL 15°
Women's superlight down fill REM mummy bag
Women's Sarvis SL Series
Sarvis SL Series

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