Camping & Hiking in Chamonix

Field Notes

Camping & Hiking in Chamonix

This blog covers Amelia Le Brun's favorite hikes and camp spots in and around Chamonix, which is situated in the heart of the French Alps. It is a haven for hikers and campers. This alpine wonderland boasts a vast network of well-marked trails, catering to all levels of hikers. Read the full blog here!

Climbing Into The Unseen

Trevor Hahn is a Big Agnes Ambassador, Dad, Artist, and outdoor enthusiast on a journey reaching into the unknown with every sense except his sight. Read the full story on his most recent adventure, Adaptive Climbers Festival, here!

Bikepacking South America Solo

McKenzie Barney had quite a few incredible stories from her three-year worldwide bikepacking adventure. South America was one of the most memorable legs of the trip. Read the full story about her South American Solo journey!

Friends of the Yampa Q+A

We sat down with Lindsey Marlow, the Executive Director of Friends of the Yampa, a non-profit organization located in our hometown of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Read the full article to hear all about the non-profit and how they contribute to our community.

Yampatika Q+A

We sat down with the Executive Director of Yampatika, a local Steamboat Springs, non-profit organization, to talk all things Yampatika and our new Bug print chair! A portion of the proceeds earned by the chair go towards the cause.

Meet Our 2024 Bob Swanson Memorial Grant Winner

We are excited to announce our 2024 Bob Swanson Memorial Grant Winner, Jessica Kelly! The Bob Swanson Memorial Grant is dedicated to adventurers, explorers, and go-getters to tackle their next endeavor. Read more to learn about Jessica's upcoming trip!

Things I Should've Packed for a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Krystal Wright, a photographer and director, went on an unforgettable Grand Canyon Rafting trip this past fall, and tells us what you need to pack to make sure your next rafting trip (big or small) is epic!

What You Need to Know to Hike a 14er

Photographer Dalton Johnson tells you everything you need to know to hike a Colorado Fourteener! He discusses the four essential pieces of information you need to have before embarking on your adventure! Read the full article to prepare for your hike!

Best Tents for Camping with Your Dog

Are you planning to take your furry friend along on your next camping trip but not sure which tent to choose? This article will provide you with the best tent options that will provide you and your dog with restful sleep on your adventures. 

The Pursuit of Self: A BA Ambassador Story

Big Agnes Ambassador, Cherise Tuttle, reflects on her winter camping trip in Canada and shares her story on mental health and why it matters.

Bob Swanson Grant Winner Trip Update

In 2023, our Bob Swanson Memorial Grant winner, Peter Consalvi, has embarked on a bikepacking journey from Mongolia to Spain. Peter reached out to give us an update on how his trip is going so far.

Staying Safe in the Backcountry

Whether you're skiing in the winter or heading out into the backcountry for a hike in the summer, being prepared is always necessary. No matter the season, these 10 pieces of gear could save your life if things go astray in the backcountry. 

The Outdoor Gear Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the thru hiker in your friend group or your kid who is eager to learn how to camp, you've come to the right place. Introducing our 2023 Gift Guide for all the outdoor lovers in your life🎁

The Ultimate Bikepacking Pack List

Want to go backpacking but don't know where to start? Jalen Bazille, a Big Agnes Ambassador and Athlete, let us in on his secret tips and what to pack for a successful bikepacking trip. Continue reading for the inside scoop!

Saying Goodbye to Old Gear

Saying goodbye to an old piece of gear is harder than you'd think. Evan Green took his Seedhouse on one last trip before retiring it to his gear shelf. Repairs can increase the longevity of your tent more than you would think! Read about one of our original tents last trips before being retired for good.

Camping: Bringing Couples Together In the Outdoors

Staring at the stars from inside a tent or reading books from comfy chairs at a campsite are not part of most couples' daily routines. Memories like those are ones that can bind a relationship and break the monotony.