An Ode to the Dirtbags: Tips on Cowboy Camping

Field Notes

An Ode to the Dirtbags: Tips on Cowboy Camping

This blog goes out to all those whom wear their dilapidated puffy jackets with pride, to those whom embrace the perpetual accumulation of dirt under their fingernails, and to those whose socks stand up on their own free will. 

Bikepacking the American Cordillera

Back in 2016, our friends Hana Black and Mark Watson set out from Deadhorse, Alaska by bicycle. Their destination was Ushuaia, Argentina, at the bottom tip of South America. Their theme: to follow the American Cordillera, criss-crossing the near contiguous mountain ranges which form the Continental Divide of the Americas, including the, Rocky Mountains, Mexico's Sierra Madre and the entirety of the Andes. 

2023 Bob Swanson Memorial Grant Winner: Peter Consalvi

We are excited to announce our 2023 Bob Swanson Memorial Winner, Peter Consalvi. The Bob Swanson Memorial Grant is dedicated to helping adventurers, explorers and go getters tackle their next endeavor.

Introducing Recycled Aluminum Tent Hubs

We are excited to announce an exclusive program with longtime partner DAC, the world’s leading tent pole manufacturer, to use the first of its kind, DAC E1 recycled tent pole hub, containing 25%-30% post-consumer recycled aluminum.

Their Only Portrait

In 2015 Federico “Fede” Cabrera jumped on a bike with some DIY bike bags, his Fly Creek UL2, a camera, and an idea. The goal wasn’t a fastest known time or sweeping landscape photography but something so much more personal.

Introducing The 2023 Big Agnes Ambassador Roster

Big Agnes is excited to announce its team of ambassadors for 2023. The group of ten adventurers embody the brand’s ethos and will be representing Big Agnes across the globe this year.

Breaking Trail For The LGBTQ+ Community

Having never backpacked before, Cal thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018. Four years later, they became the first trans person to Triple Crown.

The Trail to Healing

Three friends set out to understand their physical, mental, and emotional health and how they relate to the cycling industry as men of color. 

The Pros and Cons of Going Ultralight

Are you thinking about reducing your pack weight or jumping into ultralight backpacking? Learn about the pros and cons of going ultralight and the best ways to drop ounces to pounds for backpacking.

The 2022 Big Agnes Gift Guide

Give the gift of gear this year with our curated gear collections for folks of all camping styles. From bike packing to car camping we've got the goods for any gearhead on your nice list. Let's get started!

Abandon Anchor! - A Bob Swanson Grant Winner Story

Today was the day! I had worked hard for two and a half years to secure water quality testing through the state of North Dakota.

Making Memories in Volcanoes National Park

When I think about the summers of my youth, camping was always a part of the picture. Sticky fingers from s’mores, creaky backs from sleeping on the ground and the smell of campfire smoke that would permeate my curly hair for weeks.

Dzil Ta’ah Adventures: How to Stake Out Your Tent without Stakes

The northeast corner of the Diné (Navajo) Nation is rich with mythic topography. Ubiquitous views of sandstone stone, volcanic spires, and distant mountains, make up the terrain...

Make It An Adventure And Go For The SKT

Drawn to the red dirt of the American Southwest, we are on a road trip around Moab, UT checking out national parks, rock climbing, skinny dipping, and playing in the canyons...

Goosenest Development to Dirt 

If you’ve been camping in the dirt for a few decades like we have, being a little further off the ground can be nice...

From Development to Dirt: Big Agnes Backpacks

Big Agnes backpacks include an entire collection from day hikes to multiday excursions with ultralight sustainable materials and comfort in mind. Our design team had one goal: create the “Copper Spur of backpacks”