Expandable Mummy

Mummy shape cramp your sleep style?

Get an extra 10” of comfy space wherever you need it, in a Torchlight Expandable mummy bag.

Expand your comfort zone!

The NEW Expandable Torchlights are custom-fit mummy bags that feature two zippered panels on both sides from shoulders to footbox, increasing sleep space up to 10 extra inches! Side sleeper? Unzip the shoulder area and hip zone to give yourself a little more room to move. Starfish much? Unzip the footbox and lower leg on either side so those legs can stretch out a bit. The Torchlights are insulated with DownTek™ water-repellent down, and baffle construction that provides more efficient heat distribution with zero heat loss, even when the bag is expanded. The Torchlight UL series is designed for those gram-counting backpackers searching for the lightest gear with enhanced comfort and customizable features – because no one’s sleep style fits in a box. Depending on your sleep style and body shape, you can adjust the bag for your ideal sleep setting.