Kids need the right gear, just like you.

Getting your kids out to sleep under the stars?

First of all, good on ya! Start ’em young and they’ll be happy campers for life, lovers and advocates of the outdoors and they’ll have you to thank. You’ve thought of everything, right? You’ve got the marshmallows, the extra wipes, the hand sani, favorite stuffy, cozy jammies, and now you’re ready for the right sleeping bag. But there is one important rule to follow: they need great gear just like you. In fact, maybe even more important because if your kids don’t sleep well...neither do you. The Duster will grow with your child when you use the exterior cinch system that can shorten or lengthen and tighten or loosen the bag based on your child’s size. All of our Kids’ bags have an integrated pad sleeve so they won't roll of their pad overnight (you’re welcome) and are insulated with our propriety, super-warm FireLine™ Core fill

Wolverine 15°

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Duster 15°