REM Mummy

The best of both worlds.

Transform your traditional mummy bag into a Big Agnes System bag.

Slip into the dream state.

These Superlight bags are possibly the most versatile in our line. With the patent-pending REM Flex Pad Sleeve you have the option of rolling (ha, pun) with a traditional mummy-style bag or clipping in the half-pad sleeve to the bottom of the bag to ensure you won’t roll off your pad during the night. REM bags’ length and width on the lower half can also be adjusted allowing for a customized fit to reduce possible cold spots (a great option for younger campers). With soft, technical fabrics, and an anti-snag zipper and draft tube these bags are like having a custom-sewn sleeping bag every time you camp.

REM Mummy

Hazel SL 15˚
Beryl SL 0°

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Wiley SL 30°