Sidewinder Mummy Bags

Are you a side sleeper?

The Sidewinder SL and Camp sleeping bags are engineered to be more comfortable for side sleepers with a long, ambidextrous zipper that stays out of the way when sleeping on your side and when rolling side to side. Packed with the technical features of a traditional mummy bag, with wiggle room where you need it and extra insulation placed at pressure points, reducing "side-effects" for great nights in the backcountry. But really, with lofty fills and soft materials, these bags provide optimized warmth and comfort in any position you settle into.

Winner of Backpacker and Outside Magazine's Most Prestigious Gear Awards

“The Sidewinder both pioneers and nails a side-sleep design.”
-Backpacker Magazine, Editor's Choice Award 2021

“If there's one thing we've learned in the past year, it's that we all need space-- for both health and sanity. The 20-degree Sidewinder SL offers it in spades.”
-Outside Magazine, Best Sleeping Bags of 2021

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