Sleeping Pads

Sleeping Pads:
Comfort from the Ground Up.

Since 2001, we’ve been committed to making the ground as comfortable as possible. We make innovative, compact, and reliable sleeping pads available in different shapes, lengths, and thickness to give you the perfect sleeping pad for all your adventure needs. Designed with comfort, warmth, and durability in mind, our sleeping pads have been individually inflated and tested. Each come with a stuff sack or compression strap and nearly all models include a repair kit. We’ve added a third-party R-Value rating with each pad to give you scientific data to give you as much info as possible to choose the right one. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Hips don’t lie.

They shouldn't lie on the ground that is. Give ’em the cush backcountry bed they deserve.

Air Chamber
Sleeping Pads

No matter which model you choose, we’ve designed all our air chamber sleeping pads with comfort and durability in mind. Since 2005, Big Agnes air pads have been putting 3.25” – 4.25” of cushy inflation between campers and the ground.
The revolution continues today with the most comfortable, lightweight, packable pads on the planet. Our product team is constantly searching for the best way to lighten the load without sacrificing the air-cushion comfort you know and love. All of our pads have been individually inflated and tested and come with a stuff sack, and all Air Chamber models include a repair kit.

Rapide SL Insulated
Extra Warmth without extra weight
Insulated Q-Core Deluxe
Insulated Air Core Ultra
Ultimate Warmth and Reliability

What is a Sleeping Pad's R-Value?

A sleeping pad is a necessary part of your sleep system. Yes, our pads provide bed-like comfort from rocks and dirt, but more importantly, they insulate you from the ground up. All Big Agnes pads feature a proven R-Value. It’s a rating that shows the insulating properties of a sleeping pad. Summer camping at low elevation – look for a lower R-Value. Camping Spring through Fall – look for a R3 or higher. In simple terms – the higher the number the warmer the pad.

Valve Technology

Did you know we take our sleeping pad valves very seriously? They should be so quick and easy to use that you don't have think about it. Our two valve styles offer easy and efficient inflation (especially when using a Pumphouse pad pump), micro-adjustment function so you can get the exact firmness you desire, and quick deflation so you can get up and on your way faster. Just another way we're making camping extra comfy.

High-volume valve allows for efficient and easy inflation and rapid deflation
Featured on Rapide SL Insulated, Air Core Ultra, Insulated Air Core Ultra and Insulated Q-Core Deluxe
Two-way, pull-tab valve allows for easy inflation, deflation and micro adjustments
Featured on Hinman and Two Track

Self-Inflating Pads

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Closed-Cell Foam Pads

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