Air Chamber

The most comfortable air pads on the planet.

Comfort from the ground up.

The foundation of a good night’s sleep in the backcountry is the pad. At Big Agnes, we insist our air pads cushion you with at least 3.25” of air between your hips and the ground. Even in our lightest-weight air pads, you can count on that. We use internal construction that stabilizes your sleeping surface so that your pad feels more like your bed at home. The outer tubes are always a little thicker than the inner so that you are comfortably cradled in the middle of the pad. We use materials to reduce the sounds made when moving around at night so that your tent-mates aren’t woken up wondering who opened a bag of chips. Our valves help you inflate your pad quickly, deflate it easily, and make micro-adjustments throughout the night with a simple pressure release that gives you control over how firm or soft your backcountry bed is.

Air Chamber

Insulated Q-Core Deluxe

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Insulated AXL Air
$119.96 $159.95
$123.47 $189.95
Air Core Ultra
$44.96 $59.95
Q-Core SLX
$104.96 $139.95