Backpacking Tents

The journey is awesome.

Our urge to sleep under the stars and breathe fresh mountain air is what continually drives us and keeps us motivated to build the best gear possible.

Our most versatile, award winning and original tents.

Be lighter, faster, and better prepared for whatever nature throws your way. Our ultralight backpacking tents truly redefine lightweight with their interior space to weight ratio. Fabrics and materials are lighter than anything we've used before still durable for the long haul.

Best-selling and Award-winning. Both.

The Fly Creek and Copper Spur Series have both made a home for themselves on trails across the world. A best friend to lightweight backpackers and bikepackers, a do-it-all tent for river runners and roadtrippers; doing their job night after night, pitch and pack after pitch and pack. If two doors and a bit more room for people and gear is in your outdoor game, the Copper Spur Series offers incomparable comfort and design.

If your pack weight is highest priority and you're looking for the simple yet efficient design of a bomber ultralight, single door shelter, then you just might fly the Fly Creek flag. Either way, that next high alpine view, sandy riverside beach, or quiet tent spot in the dark woods is just one tent pitch away. We'll see you out there.