Camp Furniture

Camp Furniture:
Taking outdoor comfort to the next level

We’re a bit obsessed with making comfortable gear using cutting edge technical design and materials, to keep quality high and weight low. Camp furniture is no exception. Sure, it's not as integral to your backcountry survival kit as a sleeping bag or tent; but when it comes to comfort, a chair is a game changer. With our line of Camp Furniture, you'll find a lot of similarities with our camping gear: simple and intuitive setup; thoughtful, innovative design; and comfort to the highest degree.
We may like to sleep in the dirt, but we try to avoid sitting in it.

Lightweight camp chairs for the backcountry and beyond.

Mica Basin
Camp Chair

A camp chair isn’t just a camp chair. A well designed, lightweight chair brings your on-the-go comfort to the next level. Take the Mica Basin Camp Chair everywhere: on a hike, backpacking trip, a concert, or to your neighborhood BBQ.

Mica Basin Camp Chair
Greenback Trout - new print
Mica Basin Camp Chair XL
new size and colors
Mica Basin Camp Chair
Green - New Color

Big Six
Camp Chair

Never ones to shy away from ultimate comfort, the Big Six chairs are designed with a premium “take it easy” attitude. Bring deluxe comfort with you wherever your travels take you, even if it’s in your own back yard. These chairs offer quick set up when extra friends show up for a BBQ and are small enough to break down and toss in your trunk on the way to a soccer game or quick overnight by the lake.

Deluxe camp chairs built for comfort and convenience.

Big Six Armchair
greenback trout - new print
Big Six Camp Chair
black - new color
Big Six Camp Chair
green - new color

Ultralight backpacking stools and chairs for the backcountry and beyond.

Skyline Ultralight
Chair and Stool

We’ve all been there; sitting on a sleeping pad, rock, log, or the hard ground after a long day on trail, wishing we could kick back and relax those tired legs and feet. The Skyline UL chair and stool give you just that. With our patented Hubless design, these compact, ultralight seats make it easy to carry comfort with you on the longest of journeys or short day hikes.

Skyline UL Chair
orange - new color
Skyline UL Stool
orange - new color

Big Agnes
Camp Tables

Big Agnes Camp Tables are designed to be sturdy, lightweight companions for your camp kitchen. The aluminum pole system and hard top surface solve the problem of where to eat when there’s no picnic table provided. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having a solid surface for setting your beverages, food, or your camp stove on.
Coming in at two pounds, the Woodchuck packs small and light, perfect for traveling into the backcountry. The Soul Kitchen comes in handy for car camping when you aren’t counting ounces or calculating pack space. “I wish we didn’t have this super sturdy table here at camp to put all our extra stuff on, what an inconvenience.” - said No One Ever.

Lightweight folding camp tables.

Woodchuck Table
Lightweight for the backcountry and beyond
Soul Kitchen Table
built for comfort and convenience

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