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There's nothing quite like waking up with a frosted bag. A small price to pay for stargazing well into the night on a fully supported bike camping trip – Devon Balet
We offer two types of Sleeping Bags – Big Agnes System bags and Traditional Mummy bags. Big Agnes System bags have been available for over a decade, utilizing an integrated pad sleeve to keep you comfortable and warm all night without rolling off your pad. Big Agnes System bags work with our pads or any existing pad you already have, depending upon size and shape. Additionally, we make Traditional Mummy bags without the integrated pad sleeve. These are a more technical and lightweight line of bags that incorporate the same innovative construction and insulation technology we’ve evolved over the years.
Semi-rectangular shaped Big Agnes System bags for men and women
Traditional Mummy
traditional mummy shaped sleeping bags for men and women without an integrated pad sleeve
Divide UL
Superlight, technical mummy shaped Big Agnes System bags
Big Agnes System bags geared for the big guys or campers who want more space
Classic SL
Superlight semi-rectangular shaped Big Agnes System bags
Little Agnes Kids
Big Agnes System bags built for kids
Doublewide bags for couples
Little Agnes Teens
Big Agnes System bags built for Juniors
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