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TwisterCane BioFoam Pad

The sweetest piece of gear in your pack.

TwisterCane™ BioFoam Sleeping Pads are engineered for ultralight backcountry summer trips to high alpine winter conditions. The closed-cell foam technology provides a firm, cushioned barrier between you and the ground; smooth on one side with a tire tread pattern on the other. Use alone or layer it with an air pad for added insulation. Made from sugarcane biomass in a process that removes carbon from the atmosphere and sourced in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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Reducing our impact from the ground up.

Using sugarcane-based EVA foam, we are reducing our reliance on petroleum to create a foam pad that is lightweight, durable, and warm - and a truly renewable resource. Our sugarcane is sourced from a supplier that grows and harvests in a net carbon-negative process.

Specs + Sizing

Packed Weight14oz / 397g
Packed Size7" x 20" / 18 x 51cm
Number of Seasons4


More environmentally conscious material with unique EVA foam that contains more than 60% sustainably grown sugarcane resin

The sugarcane resin we source is derived from sugarcane grown and harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner, and audited by a third party

Use alone, on top, or underneath an insulated air chamber pad for additional warmth and comfort

Create a four-season system when paired with an insulated air chamber pad while sleeping on frozen ground or snow

A comfortable backcountry mat on uneven ground, adding protection from dirt, wet grass, or snow

Provides a firm, insulated barrier with closed-cell foam technology and balance between warmth and comfort with die-cut peaks and heat-trapping valleys

More warmth and comfort with two foam layers of texture for option of dimples up or dimples down

Light enough to carry anywhere and makes a great bleacher seat for spectator events

Rolls tight to save space and weight

Durable and long lasting

Construction + Materials

Unique EVA foam contains more than 60% sustainably grown sugarcane resin

Thickness: 0.5" /13mm

Width: 20" / 51cm

Length: 72" / 183cm

R-Value: 1.7

Here’s what other people think.

What’s in a Name?

What's sweeter than sugar? Going on an adventure and knowing your gear is made from renewable sources that are also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's name comes from our development team's efforts to twist their minds to find the next big thing. When they found that the resin from sustainably grown sugar cane made an excellent pad material, the TwisterCane was born.