Casey Sheppard Bob Swanson Memorial Grant

Impossibilities for Breakfast

As I wake each day, I splash away the night to welcome the present. Lighting a bit of incense, the meditative vibrations from a brass Tibetan singing bowl echo throug...

Outside 365 on the Colorado Trail

Trout and I left a bit of dangling chad last year on the Colorado Trail, wrapping up in Salida, CO after 300 miles and 12 days of riding so THIS year we enlisted some ...

Continental Divide Trail Coalition: Priorities for Summer 2021

For this upcoming season CDTC’s main goal is to complete the Optimal Location Review (OLR). This will inform the direction of the reroute moving forward and is a collaborative effort with Federal and State agencies partners.

Big Agnes Names Sespe Group to Represent Brand in Southwest

Big Agnes employees hike the CDT – 2018. STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (June 17, 2021) – Big Agnes Inc., the Steamboat Springs-based outdoor equipment brand, recently annou...

Big Agnes Supports Conservation Organizations with New Nature Print Chair Collection

The new collection includes “Brown Trout”, “Lichen” and “Elevation” prints, and a portion of sales will go to support the Yampa River Fund and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC).

Building a Youth Mentorship Program During a Pandemic

Yazzie’s adventure company focuses on sustainable tourism to generate revenue, but includes a mission to build a bikepacking community on the Navajo reservation, starting with getting the Navajo youth involved.

Meet the Neighbors: Bluebird Backcountry

If you’ve ever wanted to ski the backcountry, but didn’t know where to start, Bluebird Backcountry is the perfect place.

Big Agnes Announces Key New Hires, Headquarters Relocation

Big Agnes Inc., the Steamboat Springs based outdoor equipment brand, recently hired Jill Lewis as Director of North American Sales and Eric Einfeld as Senior Demand Planner. The company also completed relocation of its headquarters to a new location in downtown Steamboat Springs.

A Return to the Backcountry

Our group of seven converged from many different states out onto the dirt at the junction of Mineral Bottom Road and the 313 in Utah. We set out on October 10th, inten...

Big Agnes Introduces 2020 Apparel Collection with a Focus on Sustainability and Performance

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (Jan. 17, 2020) – Big Agnes, the Steamboat Springs-based outdoor brand, announces a redesign of its 2020 Apparel Collection.

Giving Back With A Little Dirt and Mud Under Our Nails

Our product designers and developers, our product-testing ambassadors and many of our other employees have traveled the CDT and have been inspired by star-filled nights dreaming of ways to evolve camping gear.

Our Commitment to the Trail

You probably know that the Continental Divide Trail is close to our hearts, and geographically it’s located right in our backyard. We found ourselves recreating on the CDT through enough summers to wonder how we could help maintain it.

The Future of the Trail

"At CDTC, we are blessed to work with such passionate and supportive companies and partners. Big Agnes is one of those companies that not only provides support, but they also roll up their sleeves and literally dig in the dirt."

The Rally Through The Rain: Hiking Mount Elbert

Pizza. Pizza was the first thing on our list as we rolled into Leadville. Being the eighth leg of the Big Agnes/Honey Stinger CDT relay meant we were meeting Section 7 participants at the trailhead to hand off the baton, and their very specific pizza orders from Mountain High Pies in Leadville.

The Road to Wilderness: Completing the CDT in Colorado

As you can imagine, relocating 14 miles of a National Scenic Trail onto public land that doesn’t currently exist is no small task. First, we have to think about where the CDT could go – how to get from point A to point B if it wasn’t on the road, based on scenic views, natural resources, property boundaries, terrain, water sources, and more.

#BorderToBackyard's Bonding on Bikes

Something pretty powerful happens, however, when the depth of your vulnerability somehow parallels the level of trust your team has developed in one another. It allows you to feel all the feels: the frustration, the defeat, and the absolute rawness of the accumulation of the days.