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Synthetic-fill, spacious big agnes system bag with removable quilt cover

Echo Park Series synthetic bags are cut tall and wide, ideal for campers of a larger stature, barrel-chested strong men, or for folks who just want more room to move around at night. Ideal for hunting camps, base camping, or road-tripping. Slip one of our 25 or 30-inch wide pads into these Big Agnes System bags, which utilize our Flex Pad Sleeve design. With double zippers that zip completely off to create a comforter affect, or zip together into a mummy bag with the Park Series Wedgie, plus top corner hand pockets that feel just like your comforter at home, the Park bags’ unique quilt-like construction turns your bag into a backcountry bed. So comfortable, you won’t want to go home!
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What's in a Name?

Echo Park is located deep in the canyon along the Green River, just past where the Yampa River's brown water meets the emerald water of the Green River. Not only is it home to the epic 800-foot tall monolith called Steamboat Rock, it is a popular camping and recreation spot for overnight floaters, backpackers, or anyone who fancies themselves a modern-day "Indiana Jones". Keep your eyes open for petroglyphs and evidence of ancient civilizations along the canyon walls.

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