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Who We Are

Wonder why we call our company Big Agnes? Because, why not? Because we all have a truck drivin’ mountain mama that we know and love? Because there’s a 12,000 foot peak north of Steamboat Springs with the same name? Yeah, all that.


Devon Balet


Andrew Burr

Let it all hang out.

Sometimes you have to just go for it. Anyone who’s spent time chasing outdoor pursuits will surely agree. Whether it’s a decision to push on towards the summit, hike another mile in the sleet, or shrivel your bits jumping into a high alpine lake, hard decisions—and a touch of risk—often yield the best rewards. We launch into our 17th year having taken some scary leaps ourselves. We moved into a new headquarters along with our sister company Honey Stinger, located just minutes from Nordic and alpine skiing, sweet single track, and browns swimming in the Yampa River. As if that weren’t enough, we opened a larger shipping warehouse to meet the growing demand for our products and inventory. Both were monumental projects requiring massive amounts of energy and resources.

Why are we sharing this with you? In short, we faced decisions with consequences and we went for it. Similar to selecting gear and routes for a trip, we determined our needs, weighed the risks, and made things happen. These changes represent our continued focus on producing better products and increasing our ability to provide outstanding service to our customers. The result will be more of our gear at your favorite specialty retailer and rapid shipment of orders.

The Mother of Comfort

At our core, we want to inspire you to get outside and find the same appreciation for the backcountry we have.


Devon Balet

It's simple.

When you boil outdoor adventure down to its purest essence, you end up with the simple act of camping – nights spent sleeping on the ground, gazing at stars and listening to crickets are one of life's finest pleasures.


Devon Balet

If we’re the Mother of Comfort, then Comfort
is King.

Exceptions to the rule come when you've chosen the wrong gear, incompatible partners or a bad route. Since we're gear pro­viders and understand some things are out of your control, our advice is that life is too short to use bad camping gear. Whether you travel light and fast and bivy next to the trail or you pull into a campground with your fully loaded truck, comfort is king. So gear up for it, and eliminate any suffering. Camping gear quality has improved so much that there really is no excuse for sliding off your pad, freezing your butt off or waking up to puddles in your tent.

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Mark Wilford

Motivated by years of sleeping in the dirt.

Designing, marketing, and shipping camping gear around the globe is both invigorating and logistically challenging at the same time. We work hard day by day, but like you, getting into the backcountry is our passion. Knowing that you’re out there trusting our tents in the harshest weather or dragging our sleeping bags and pads around the globe on your adventures is what keeps our focus and motivation on designing and delivering new and improved product every year. In anticipation of next year’s adventures, we’re plotting our backcountry missions, staff campouts, and setting goals that may bring some risks or just the opportunity to enjoy the ride. Either way, we’ll see you out there!

Big Agnes is committed.

We're a small company with the mountains just minutes from our door step. Being so close to the outdoors makes us appreciate our environment and the need to protect it every time we run, ski, climb, ride or hike. Here are just a few groups we support.

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The journey is awesome.

Our urge to sleep under the stars and breathe fresh moun­tain air is what continually drives us and keeps us motivated. In the end, the bluebird summits and nights spent listening to raging creeks or even highway noise have made the journey awesome, and truth be told, we wouldn't want it any other way.