Dream Island 15°

Synthetic fill Big Agnes System bags built for two

The Big Agnes System

When insulation material is compressed under your body, it loses most of its ability to insulate. We eliminate the unnecessary bottom insulation and replace it with one of two pad sleeve designs to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation. This design provides a secure foundation and keeps you on the pad all night.

Specs + Sizing

Bag Weight9lb 7oz / 4.28kg
Fill Weight75oz / 2.13kg
Compressed Bag Size14in x 22in / 36 x 56cm
Stuff Sack SizeXXXL 14in x 24in / XXXL 36 x 61cm
Sleeping Bag TypeBig Agnes System Bags
Shoulder Girth136in / 345cm
Hip Girth121in / 307cm
Foot Girth110in / 279cm


Our roomiest doublewide bag, requiring two 25" pads or one 50" pad

Our unique double wide design with improved pad sleeve combination provides a roomy sleeping space without adding bulk -turning your bag into a backcountry bed

Use the top corner hand pockets to wrap the bag around your shoulders like you do with your comforter at home

Designed for two people - Big Agnes Doublewide System bags eliminate the need to zip two bags together

Super durable lightweight shell and cozy cotton liner

Stretch fabric panels on the side of the pad sleeve accommodates pads of different thicknesses

Free Range Hood design gives you the freedom to lift your head while snuggled in the hood

Low profile cordlock lets you un-cinch the hood with one hand

Pillow Barn keeps your pillow tucked in tight all night

Interior fabric loops for sleeping bag liners

Exterior loops for hang drying or storage

Nylon stuff sack (XXXL 14"x 24")

Construction + Materials

Nylon rip-stop shell fabric with a water repellent finish

Nylon taffeta lining

Hotstream® by Insotect - 100% recycled polyester insulation 

x2 62" #8 YKK Zippers

No-draft collar, No-draft wedge, No-draft zipper, No-draft center flap 

Double zippers allow entry from either side of bag and when unzipped allows top of bag to be used like a comforter

Rectangular shaped bag with integrated full pad sleeve design

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What’s in a Name?

There is a place on the edge of town beside the river, where ski bums bed down two-by-two like cord-wood. Visions of powder turns dancing through their heads, all cozied up before their next big day on the mountain. This place is called Dream Island, a trailer park just downstream from the aromatic sulfur springs.