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Diamond Park 15°



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Down-fill, spacious big agnes system bag with removable quilt cover

The versatile Diamond Park 15 down sleeping bag features the Flex Pad Sleeve to accommodate both 25 and 30-inch wide pads. Cut tall and wide for those who like a little more room to move around at night, or for campers of a larger stature who want a bag that sleeps just right. Ideal for base camps, car camping or an overnight on your friend’s floor, this is your go-to bag for a good night’s sleep. Double zippers can be zipped off completely to create a comforter, or can be zipped together to create a mummy bag. This sleeping bag has a unique quilt-like construction turns your bag into a backcountry bed so comfortable, you won’t want to go home!
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What's in a Name?

A mining mogul, Robert "Old Mac" Mcintosh was admired throughout Routt County for his hospitality and kindness. While exloring the area near Encampment Mountain in North Routt, he noticed a diamond-shaped stand of evergreens in the middle of an open park. Diamond Park, he named it, would become a cherished place for locals to camp, horseback ride, mountain bike, or just enjoy some North Routt scenery without venturing too far from home.

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